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ISBN-10: 1-931543-57-7 Hardcover | 1-933027-05-3 Paperback

Seed Stitch Hat and Scarf, page 72

Corrections are underlined.


Crown shaping
Next row (RS) K1, p1, k1, *p3tog, [k1, p1] 3 times, k1; rep from * to last 8 sts, end p1, k1, p3tog, k1, p1, k1—41 sts. Work 3 rows even.
Rep last 4 rows once more, working 2 less sts between dec’s.

Fair Isle Hat and Scarf, page 88

Corrections are underlined.

Crown shaping
Next row (RS) K1, [k2tog, k4] 10 times—51 sts. P 1 row. All subsequent dec rows are 10 times instead of 5 times.

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