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ISBN-10: 1-931543-14-3

Rib and Panel Socks, photo pg 53, instructions on pages 54 & 55

The leg of this sock pattern cannot be knit in the round. 

Please replace with the following for knitting back and forth in rows:

Roll A into 2 balls. With A, cast on 20 sts, with B cast on 14 sts, with second ball of A cast on 20 sts – 54 sts.Row 1 (RS) With A [k3, p2] 4 times, with B k14, with A [p2, k3] 4 times.

Next row With A [p3, k2] 4 times, with B p14, with A [k2, p3] 4 times.

Repeat these 2 rows until 5”/12cm from beg, end with a WS row.

Separate for heel
Next row (RS) Sl first 13 sts to a holder for heel, work across in pat to last 13 sts for instep, sl these 13 sts to sep holder for heel.

Next row With A cont in rib over 7 sts, with B purl 14, with A cont in rib over 7 sts – 28 sts.
Work back and forth in rows as established until instep measures 5.5”/14cm. Place 28 instep sts on holder.

Continue the rest of the pattern as written to FINISHING, sew back leg, instep and foot seams.

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