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ISBN-10: 1931543127

Yarn Overs in Lace, page 40

Updated: 01Sep2022 

At the Beginning of a Purl Row
The right-hand needle should be in front of the left-hand needle, and the yarn should wrap around the tip of the right-hand needle. See revised illustration.

Yarn Overs in Lace

Knitting in the Round, page 48

Updated: 01Sep2022 

Using Two Circular Needles
The illustration for Step 1 has been updated so that the yarn tail comes from the stitches on the purple (upper) needle and the working yarn comes from the stitches on the yellow (lower) needle. See revised illustration.

Knitting in the Round

Entrelac, page 55

Updated: 01Sep2022 

Right-Hand Corner Triangles
The first illustration should have additional stitches in the darker yarn. See illustration.


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