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ISBN-13: 978-1-936096-50-3

Cabled Watch Cap, page 81

Updated: 12Mar2013

Corrections are underlined.

With circular needle, cast on 96 sts. Join taking care not to twist sts on needle. Place marker for end of rnd and sl marker every rnd.
Next rnd *K2, p2; rep from * around for k2, p2 rib. Cont in k2, p2 rib for 2”/5cm.
Beg cable pat
(Note For first edition cont as written. For 2nd edition work only 5 rnds in k6, p6 rib before working cable “rnd 26”.


Lace and Bobbles Beret, page 89

Updated: 29Jul2019 

The double decrease used in this pattern is the SK2P which is done as follows:
Sl 1, k2tog, pass the slipped stitch over the k2tog for a left-slanting double decrease.

In the text of the pattern when the chart is complete, there are cables identified as RPT and LPT which should be identified as RPC and LPC and are defined in the stitch glossary.

Two-Color Geometric Hat, page 125

Updated: 05Aug2013 

A corrected chart is available. [PDF 21KB]

Two-Tone Chullo, page 134

Updated: 08Nov2013 

A corrected chart #1 is available. [PDF 16KB]

Pompom Hat, page 159

Updated: 11Apr2021 

The symbol for the cable in row 3 of Cable Chart A was omitted from the Stitch Key. This cable is the 6-st BC. How to work this cable is defined on page 157.

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