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ISBN-13: 978-1-936096-93-0

#4 Gorgeous Gathers, pages 25-27

Updated: 29Apr2018

Corrections are underlined.

Making a Welt
Count over 12 sts on LH needle, with dpn, working on the WS of piece, pick up the purl st 12 rows below, then cont to pick up the subsequent 11 purl sts, following the diagonal. Hold the 12 picked-up sts behind working needle and *k next st on working needle tog with next st on dpn; rep from * until 12 sts are joined.

Work as written through rnd 27.
Rnd 28 Knit.
Rep rnds 1—28 twice more.
Knit 5 rnds. Bind off.

Pattern #46 Cables on the Edge, page 124

Updated: 08Feb2016 

A corrected stitch key has been published. [PDF 19K]

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