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ISBN-13: 978-1-936096-83-1

Pattern #4 Drifting Diamonds Dress, page 14

Updated: 01Sep2022 

Correction is underlined.

On chart, rnds 1—8 should be repeated 4 (6, 7) times.

Pattern #7 Pinstripe Blocks Blanket, page 21

Updated: 08Jan2016 

A placement diagram has been published. [PDF 193K]

Pattern #13 All About Aran Set, pages 40-45

Updated: 01Sep2022 

Replace the instructions for 3-st RPC and 3-st LPC in the Stitch Glossary with the following:

3-st RPC Sl 1 st to cn and hold to back, k2, p1 from cn.
3-st LPC Sl 2 sts to cn and hold to front, p1, k2 from cn.

For next section, correction is underlined.

Right Front
. . . Keeping 1 st at beg of row and 3 (6) sts at end of row in St st, work chart 3 through row 18 . . .

Pattern #23 Twisted Diamond Afghan, page 72

Updated: 05May2015 

A revised chart has been published. [PDF 238K]

Pattern #24 Mini Mackintosh page 74, 3rd column

Updated: 26Jun2016

Correction is underlined.


Next (inc) rows (RS) [K to 1 st before marker, kfb, sl marker, kfb]
4 times, k to end—8 sts inc’d.

Pattern #26 Mouse-Mobile, page 80 and 82

Updated: 27Nov2018

Page 80, in the third column, under HEAD, after Rnd 2, replace instructions as follows:

Rnd 3 [K1, M1, k1] 6 times–18 sts.
Rnd 4 Knit.
Rnd 5 [K2, M1, k1] 6 times–24 sts.
Rnd 6 Knit.
Rnd 7 [K3, M1, k1] 6 times–30 sts.
Rnds 8–12 Knit.
Rnd 13 [K3, k2tog] 6 times–24 sts.
Rnds 14–16 Knit.
Rnd 17 [K2, k2tog] 6 times–18 sts.
Rnds 18–20 Knit.
Rnd 21 [K1, k2tog] 6 times–12 sts.
Rnds 22–24 Knit.
Stuff Head.
Rnd 25 [K2tog] 6 times–6 sts.
Fasten off and weave yarn tail through remaining 6 sts.
Draw yarn through the front of the muzzle to make two cheeks.

Page 82

First column, under EARS (make 2). Correction is underlined.

EARS (make 2)
Short rows (RS) K6, w&t, p4, w&t…

Page 82

Third column, under Car, RIGHT SIDE, BEG MEDALLION. Correction is underlined.

Row 9 (dec) K19, E, k2 D,…

Page 83

First column, under CENTER OF CAR. Correction is underlined.

With C, cont in St st and inc 1 st each side every even row 3 times–12 sts.
Work 41 rows even, end with a WS row. Break C

Pattern #31 Eyelet Mock Turtleneck, page 98

Updated: 08Jun2019

Corrections are underlined.

• 2 (2, 3) 1¾oz/50g skeins (each approx 180yd/165m) of Cascade Yarns Cherub DK Multis (nylon/acrylic) in #504 ballerina

Pattern #37 Giraffe Stroller Blanket, page 118

Updated: 08Jun2019

Corrections are underlined.

Two 1¾oz/50g skeins (each approx 180yd/165m) of Cascade Yarns Cherub DK (nylon/acrylic) in #9 ecru (A)

22 sts and 29 rows to 4″/10cm over St st using size 6 (4mm) needles. Take time to check gauge.


Pattern #47 Striped Raglan Cardigan, page 150

Updated: 15Jan2020

Corrections are underlined.

Row 2 (RS) P1, *k2, p2; rep from *, end k2, p1.

Pattern #50 Lace Cardi & Bonnet, page 157

Updated: 30Apr2015

The following sizes and measurements were omitted:

Cardigan sized for 6 months (and 12 months). Shown in 6 months. Bonnet is one size.

Knitted Measurements
Chest (closed) 20 (22¼)”/51 (56.5)cm
Length 10 (11½)”/25.5 (29)cm

Pattern #51 Colorblock Cabled Pullover, page 162

Updated: 29Jul2019

Corrections are underlined.

Keeping 2 sts each side as k on RS as established, inc 1 st each side (working new sts in k2, p2 rib) every 6th row 6 (2, 7) times more, then every 4th row 0 (7, 1) times.

Pattern #53 Slanting Stripes Blanket, page 166

Updated: 02Jun2023

Corrections are underlined.

Omit “Note Cast-on row is first row of stripe pat.”

Stripe Pat 1
76 rows B, [6 rows A, 6 rows, C, 6 rows A, 24 rows B] twice, 6 rows A, 6 rows, C, 6 rows A, cont with B to end.

Stripe Pat 2
54 rows A, 24 rows C, 56 rows A, 10 rows B, 10 rows A, 30 rows C, cont with A to end.

Stripe Pat 3
30 rows A, [4 rows C, 4 rows A] 4 times, 20 rows B, 70 rows A, 4 rows C, 4 rows A, 4 rows C, cont with A to end.

Stripe Pat 4
30 rows B, [6 rows C, 4 rows B] twice, 6 rows C, 30 rows B, 30 rows A, 30 rows B, [4 rows C, 4 rows B] 3 times, 4 rows C, cont with B to end.

Pattern #55 Garter Stitch Hoodie, page 174

Updated: 31Mar2015

The colors were reversed.
They should be as follows:

2 skeins #22 rouge (MC)
1 skein #19 geranium (CC)

Pattern #57 Railroad Cap, pages 180-182

Updated: 01Sep2022

Correction is underlined

Rnd 1 Work to rep line, work 10-st rep 5 times around.
Cont to work chart in this way until rnd 9 is complete.
Break B and C and cont with A only to end of hat.

A revised Chart is available here. [PDF 367KB]

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