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ISBN-13: 978-1-933027-97-5

#2 Cabled Brim Tam, page 8

One set (5) size 7 (4.5) double-pointed needles (dpns)

#3 Waffle Mittens, page 11

Corrections are underlined.

1. Stitch glossary
M1 k-st
With the needle tip, lift the strand between the last st worked and the next st on the LH needle and knit it.

Basketweave pattern
Rnds 3 and 4 K1, *p2, k2; rep from * to last st, end k1.

page. 12, first column, first paragraph
Next rnd Work in basketweave pat to first marker, drop marker, place next 12 sts on scrap yarn for thumb, drop marker, work in basketweave pat to end – 40 sts. Cont in basketweave pat until piece measures 5½/14cm above ribbing, end with rnd 4.

#9 Monkey Hat, page 26

Correction is underlined.

With dpns and A, cast on 7 sts.

#11 Wave Scarf, page 32

Correction is underlined

1. Chart shows RS rows only.
2. Work rows 1 – 4 on first rep of chart only, rep rows 5 – 84 for all subsequent reps.
3. First row of chart decreases number of sts to 45. These 45 sts are maintained except for rows 41 and 81 which decrease to 43 sts, then rows 43 and 83 increase back to 45 sts.

Cast on 47 sts.
Set-up row (WS) P1, *k1, p1; rep from * to end.
Beg chart pat
Row 1 (RS)
Work to end of row – 45 sts.
Row 2 and all WS rows P1, *k1, p1; rep from * to end.
Cont to foll chart and work WS rows in this way to row 84, then rep rows 5-84 until piece measures 68″/172.5cm from beg, end with a RS row. Complete as per pattern.

Click here to download the chart. [PDF 27KB]

#17 Plaid Mittens, page 46

Updated: 31Jan2013

Correction is underlined.

Under materials #7815 summer sky should be identified as (C).

Place 14 sts on scrap yarn evenly over 3 needles. Join B, leaving a long tail for sewing …

#18 Striped Graduated Scarf, page 49

Correction is underlined.

Tweed stitch
Row 1 (RS) K1, *k1, sl 1 purlwise wyif; rep from *, end last rep k1.
Row 3 K1, *sl 1 purlwise wyif, k1; rep from * to end.

Textured Triple-Stripe Scarf, page 54

Updated: 11Apr2011
Correction is underlined.

Rows 33-44 Rep last 2 rows six times more, omitting marker placement.
Remove markers.

#23 Smocked Fingerless Gloves, pages 63-65

Updated: 29Sept2011
Changes are underlined.

page 64
Left Wrister
Thumb placement
Rnd 1 Work sts 1- 4 three times, work sts 5 – 12 once, work sts 1-4 twice, then work sts 1 – 4 twice onto waste yarn, sl these 8 sts back to LH needle, then with working yarn work these 8 sts again, then work sts 1-4 once.

#25 Ribbed Keyhole Scarf, page 70

Changes are underlined.

Row 10 Work as directed.
Next (inc) row (WS) P2, m1 p-st, p2, *k4, p2, m1 p-st, p2; rep from * to end – 59 sts.

#27 Scalloped-Edge Beanie, page 74

1. Lace patternReplace the st multiple with the following:
(multiple of 8 sts)

2. Lace pattern
Replace Rnd 2 with the following:
Rnd 2 *K1, yo, k2, SK2P, k2, yo; rep from * to end.

3. Hat
Number of cast-on sts should be 88.

Work dec rnds as follows:
Dec rnd 1 *K6, k2tog; rep from * to end — 77 sts.
Dec rnd 2 *K5, k2tog; rep from * to end — 66 sts.
Dec rnd 3 *K4, k2tog; rep from * to end — 55 sts.
Dec rnd 4 *K3, k2tog; rep from * to end — 44 sts.
Dec rnd 5 *K2, k2tog; rep from * to end — 33 sts.
Dec rnd 6 *K1, k2tog; rep from * to end — 22 sts.
Dec rnd 7 *K2tog; rep from * to end — 11 sts.

#29 Cupcake Hat, page 78

Updated: 11Aug2011

Replace Make Bobble definition with the following:

Make bobble (MB)
Knit into front, back and front of next st, making 3 sts from one. Turn, p3. Turn, k3. Turn, sl 1, p2tog, psso – 1 st rem. Turn, sl st to RH needle.

#34 Checkered Mittens, page 88

Updated: 25Aug2010
Corrections are underlined.

page 90
Left mitten
Rnd 3 With A, k1, *k1, sl 1 purlwise wyib; rep from * to last st, end pm, k1.

#37 Mock Cable Wristers, page 96

Updated: 23Jun2010
Corrections are underlined.

Left wrister
At the end of Inc rnd 1 there are 40 sts.
At the end of Inc rnd 2 there are 42 sts.
Work next rnd even.
Rep last 2 rnds until there are 13 sts between gusset markers – 50 sts.
Work 3 rnds even.
Next rnd Work to first gusset marker, drop marker, bind off next 12 sts, drop marker, work to end – 38 sts.

Right wrister
At the end of Inc rnd 1 there are 40 sts.

#41 Pocket Scarf, page 106

Updated: 20Jul2010
Corrections are underlined.

1. Row 1 of Pockets is incorrect, it should read as follows:

POCKETS (make 2)
With A… foll:
Row 1 (WS) K7, p16, k7.
Continue as written to FINISHING.

After blocking, position WS of pocket A to WS of pocket lining section B (RS of Scarf) as directed.
Using A (same color as pocket), tack each corner of pocket to scarf.
Continue as written.

#45 Bunny Mittens, page 116

Updated: 07Sep2010

Rows 13 and 14 Knit.
Row 15 K2tog, k1, k2tog – 3 sts.

#46 Leaf-Lace Gauntlets, page 120

Updated: 16Jun2017

The chart on page 120:
Row 41, 15th box from the right, the S2KP symbol be SSK.

#51 Cabled Cuff Mittens, page 132

Updated: 27Jul2010

Inc rnds on page 134 should be numbered consecutively, so Inc rnd 7 becomes Inc rnd 6, and Inc rnd 9 becomes Inc rnd 7.

#60 Triple-Cable Scarf, page 144

Updated: 20Jul2010
Correction is underlined.

The stitch key definition for Rev st (second from top) is incorrect-It should read P on RS, k on WS.

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