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ISBN-13: 978-1-936096-52-7

Laceweight Scarf, page 53

Updated: 04May2021 Fern Stitch Chart 1 is found on page 54 (not page 154).

Zig Zag Cowl, page79

Updated: 13Sep2013

Rows 17–20 are worked with CC.
Rows 21–36 are worked, as stated, with MC.
Rows 37–40 are worked with CC.

Rich Ruffles, pages 82–87

Updated: 25Feb2013

The bobbles in the charts should be only in the center stitch of the 3 they cover.

Corrections are underlined.

Bobble (K1, yo) twice, k1, turn, p5, slip 2 sts, k3tog, pass the slipped sts over the k3tog.

Light & Lacy 1 Chunky Lace Stole, pages 88–90

Updated: 08Jul2013

In chart row 11 for all 3 projects, the 2nd ssk in leaf pat 1, and the first k2tog in leaf pat 2 should be replaced with a k on RS, p on WS empty box. There are 5 knit sts between the yo and the inside purl st.

Corrections are underlined.

Page 28

Cast on 46 sts.
Row 1 (WS) Knit.
Next row K1, *yo, k2tog; rep from *, end yo, k1—47 sts.

After row 35 is completed for the last time:
Next row (WS) Work row 36 over leaf pat 2, k31, work row 36 over leaf pat 1.

Light Lace Wrap, page 97

Updated: 04May2021

On chart row 11, do not work the second ssk or the second to last k2tog.

Just Peachy Triangle Shawl, page 120

Updated: 25Feb2013

Correction is underlined.

The * before Next row (WS) should be deleted and placed before the previous Next row (RS). The chart rows repeated are rows 13–40.

Lace Shawlette, page 155

Updated: 27Nov2018

Corrections are underlined.

Cast on 288 sts. Knit 1 row.
Work as written, but finish this section with 148 sts.

Work as written.
Rep last 2 rows 33 times more, end with a WS row–12 sts.

CLARIFICATION: After completing rows 1–28 of Chart 1 the first time, you will repeat rows 1–28 again and then rows 1–14 once more WHILE working 4 decreases each RS row into pattern. We strongly recommend first placing stitch markers inside the selvage sts, between each 22-st repeat, and on either side of the spine pattern.

For further clarification, rows should be worked as follows:

RS row: Sl 1, k1 (selvage sts), slip marker (sm), ssk, work remainder of 22-st rep to next marker, sm, work full 22-st reps to last rep before the spine pattern, sm, work to last 2 sts before spine pattern, k2tog, sm, work spine pattern, sm, ssk, work remainder of 22-st rep to next marker, sm, work full 22-st reps to last rep, sm, work to last 2 sts of rep, k2tog, sm, k2 (selvage sts).
NOTE: Always be sure to check that each decrease does in fact decrease 1 st and is NOT balanced by a yarnover.

WS row: Sl 1, k1, sm, work in pat to last 2 sts, sm, k2.

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