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ISBN-13: 978-1-942021-66-7

Sally the Sheep and the herd, page 13

Corrections are underlined

Row 13 Rep row 11.
Row 14 With B, p8; with A, k2, *LS, k1; rep from * to last A st, k1; with B, p8.
Rep rows 11–14 once more. Cut B.
Cont with A only, work rows 11–14 eight times. Cut yarn.
Cont as written.

The Quilted Daisy Stitch Cat, page 31

Updated 05Jun2017 

Correction is underlined.

Update to Quilt Stitch Pattern

Row 8 K4, *p2, k2, p2, k8; rep from *, end last rep k4.

Hugo the Hedgehog, page 39

Updated 05Jun2017

Yarn A is Vanna’s Choice #98 Fisherman

Caleb the Bullfrog, pages 50-51

Updated 05Jun2017 

Updated diagram on page 50. [PDF 216KB]

Updated Assembly text as foll:

Fold square into triangle (fold at center black dotted line on diagram). Baste stitch body through both thicknesses, left side and right side, from center fold to dots (yellow dotted lines). Sew leg and side seams (purple dotted lines).
Stuff body through mouth opening.
Sew mouth seam (green dotted lines), sewing tongue in place.
Cont as written.

Grayson the Squirrel, page 63

Updated 05Jun2017 

Corrections are underlined.

Row 12 K1, [K2tog] 6 times, k1—8 sts.

Theo the Triceratops, page 67

Updated 05Jun2017 

Corrections are underlined.

Cast on 46 sts.
Work in St st (k on RS, p on WS) for 10 rows.
Rep rows 1–10 of scale st pat 6 times (60 pat rows in total).
Cont as written.

Socrates the Owl, page 75

Updated 05Jun2017 

Colors of yarns are listed incorrectly. Correct color names are as foll: #401 Grey Marble (A) and #305 Pearl Mist (B)

Amadeus the Fox, page 103

Updated 11Apr2021

Some rows in the Tail section were misnumbered. Corrections are underlined.

Rows 40–43 Rep rows 8–11 once.
Cut A, change to B.
Rows 44–46 Rep rows 8–10.
Row 47 [P2tog] 4 times, p1–5 sts.
Row 48 Rep row 8. 
Row 49 [P2tog] twice, p1–3 sts.
Row 50 K1, LS, k1.
Row 51 Slip1, p2tog, psso. Secure last st.

Liam the Lion, page 115

Updated 05Jun2017 

Correction is underlined.

Row 7 Bind off 4 sts, k3, yo, k2tog, k2.

Drake the Dragon, page 139

Updated 05Jun2017 

Yarn is from Studio Donegal.

Update to Materials list with number of required scales:
Dragon Scales from, 215 in red, 156 in black and 188 in bronze

Page 140

Download updated Tail Chart [253 KB]

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