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101 Crochet Stitches: Textures • Lace • Granny Squares • Motifs • Colorwork • Edgings

The possibilities are endless with 101 diverse crochet stitches that include simple textures, lacy openwork, granny squares, motifs, colorwork, edgings, and more. Use a single pattern to make a washcloth, pair complimentary stitches into a one-of-a-kind scarf, or showcase all of your favorite patterns in a stitch sampler blanket. For those with more advanced skills, you can swap any of these stitches into an existing pattern or integrate them into your own original garments and accessories. Each stitch features text and charted instructions so that every crocheter can easily work according to his or her instructional preference. So, grab your favorite yarns and crochet hooks! The 101 crochet patterns found in this book are sure to provide plenty of inspiration to help you become the master of your next crafting adventures.

Paperback • 64 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-64021-076-9
8.5″ x 10.75″

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