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Baby Beasts to Crochet: Cute Amigurumi Creatures from Myth and Legend

Get ready to squeal—or maybe growl, howl, or roar—in delight with the 16 adorable creatures in Baby Beast Amigurumi. Start each project by crocheting the base using only simple stitches. Then stuff and seam everything together. Finally, add surface details such as faux-fur, scales, embroidery, eyes, and even eyelashes. When done, you will have transformed the most fearsome creatures in mythology and legend into adorable babies that you can’t help but snuggle. While detailed, each baby beast uses only the simplest of stitches and techniques. Pair that with a step-by-step how-to section, clear project instructions, and additional illustrations, and these impressive patterns are approachable for every crocheter to make a baby yeti, phoenix, unicorn, minotaur, sasquatch, pegasus, and more! As a bonus, instructions on how to insert wire into each baby beast during construction are included within every pattern so each baby beast can be extra posable.

By Megan Kreiner
Imprint: Sixth&Spring Books
8″ x 9″ • 152 pages

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