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Luxury Knitting: The Ultimate Guide to Exquisite Yarns: Cashmere Merino Silk

Of all the yarns in the world, cashmere, merino and silk are universally considered the most exquisite. Luxury Knitting tells the unique story behind each of these enduring fibers, taking readers on a worldwide journey through those regions where the most superior fibers are found and woven into yarns.

Ask any knitter why she or he knits, and you are likely to hear a story of a long, enduring love affair—with yarn. Knitters who love the look and feel of luxury yarns are drawn to the softest cashmere, the most sensuous silk, and the finest merino. Each gorgeously illustrated chapter details the history of the fiber, identifies its characteristics, provides valuable tips on handling and caring for the material, and offers patterns for making beautiful garments out of these fine yarns.

By Linda Morse
Hardcover • ISBN: 1-931543-86-0
8.5 x 10 inches • 168 pages

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