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Noro Knits

Features 22 designs for men, women and the home by designer Jane Ellison.

Noro Knits blends the exciting colors of Noro yarns with the beautiful solid colors of the Debbie Bliss Yarn Collection. The patterns in Noro Knits use stitch techniques to create garments that fit to any body shape and compliment all shapes and sizes due to the very nature of the stitches used. Noro Knits uses the Debbie Bliss Yarn Collection with the intense colors of Noro Yarns and, once again, create a truly unique garment. With these yarns the knitting is just as fun as the end result. So settle into your favorite comfy chair, with your chosen yarn, bamboo needles and enjoy Noro Knits

Paperback | 8.5″ x 10.75″

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