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Preschool Parties: Easy Ideas for Princesses, Pirates & Other Little People

Let’s face it: children’s birthday parties have gotten out of control! What happened to the simplicity of cake, party hats, and a few cute games? Bring the party back home with this amazing guide to everything you need to grant a child’s birthday wishes. From the super-special first birthday through to pre-k kids, Preschool Parties provides anxious moms and dads with18 colorful themed parties–complete with invitations, activities, menus (to satisfy children and adults alike), creative cakes, and even goody bags. Whether digging for fossils or creating fairytale wands, there is something to satisfy every birthday boy and girl.

By Colleen Mullaney
Imprint: Sixth&Spring Books
8 x .5 x 8 • 144 pages

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