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Timeless Noro: Knit Shawls: 25 Unique & Vibrant Designs

Combining the most popular shawl patterns from Noro magazine and the Knit Noro book series with several brand new and exclusive designs, Timeless Noro: Knit Shawls boasts 25 patterns that are fashionable, diverse, and fun to make. Range of skill levels, constructions, and styles, this pattern collection has something to entice and engage every knitter. Using only Noro yarns, which are known for their unparalleled solids and self-striping colorways, every single one of these shawls is a feast for the needles, the body, and the eyes.

Author: Sixth&Spring Books
Imprint: Sixth&Spring Books
8.5 x 11 • 104 pages


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