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Whimsical Girls (Happy Hour Art Journal)

Reclaim your creativity with this one-of-a-kind workbook of fabulous females to personalize!
It’s perfect for coloring enthusiasts and mixed-media artists.

This is not your typical coloring book. Created by celebrated artist Jane Davenport, and dedicated solely to images of women, Whimsical Girls is bursting with Jane’s signature-style figures, faces, and fanciful drawings to color and customize. The unusual combination of four types of high-quality paper—coloring, marker, watercolor, and kraft paper—encourages users to experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques. Inspirational examples and prompts help allay budding artists’ nervousness, while bonus stickers and brilliantly hued collage paper—to cut or tear and glue to the pages—provide added fuel for creativity!

By Jane Davenport
Imprint: Get Creative 6
8.7 x .6 x 10.4 • 66 pages

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