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Draw 100 Things to Make You Happy: Step-by-Step Drawings to Nourish Your Creative Self

Charles Schulz said that happiness is a warm puppy. Christopher Hart agrees and has come up with ninety-nine more cartoons to make you happy! From the most memorable moments in ones’ life (bringing home a new baby, getting that promotion, hitting it off on a first date) to adorable pets and unlikely animal buddies and from trips of a lifetime to everyday pleasures (sharing secrets with a friend, reading a good book, buying a new pair of shoes), everything that makes life worth living is fodder for fun-filled drawings in Draw 100 Things to Make You Happy. Step-by- step drawings with tips and techniques provide endless characters, scenes, and situations to expand artists’ drawing repertoire. Enlightening sidebars sprinkled throughout cover all the things that make drawings come alive: how to tie things together visually, using color, changing poses, personalizing the drawings, adding shading, and more. Draw 100 Things to Make You Happy is the cartoonist’s ultimate bucket list.

By Christopher Hart
Imprint: Drawing with Christopher Hart
Paperback with flaps
8.5″ x 11″ | 144 pages

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