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How to Draw Your RPG Character: A Step-by-Step Guide to Bringing Fantasy Characters to Life

With more than 450 step-by-step illustrations, How to Draw Your RPG Character by fantasy illustrator and game artist Chrissa Barton teaches you how to bring your character to life even if you’ve never drawn before. She starts with a primer on basic drawing techniques, then takes you through how to draw different body types, facial features, and types of hair. In the final section, Chrissa puts it all together, with detailed tutorials on how to draw all the character types and classes from Dungeons & Dragons. You’ll learn how to draw elves and half-elves, gnomes, humans, halfings, half-orcs, dragonborns, and tieflings as fighters, wizards, barbarians, druids, warlocks, and more.

Author: Chrissa Barton
Imprint: Get Creative 6
8.5” x 10” • 168 pages



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SKU: 978-1-68462-074-6